How do I create my fantasy cricket team?

A list of upcoming real-life cricket matches can be found on the cricketyudh app. Before the match begins, pick any match you want to participate in and create your fantasy cricket squad of 11 players. You will get fantasy points based on how your selected players perform in the real-life match when the match is live.

Is cricketyudh safe and legal in India?

Yes, our fantasy format is completely legal and safe. The Supreme Court of India considers cricketyudh to be a skill game, making it legal to play and win money with us. Also, the security of your personal information is very important to us, and we make every effort to ensure that your data is kept safe on cricketyudh.

When can I switch players?

You are permitted to make an unlimited number of transfer requests prior to the tournament's commencement (the first match being played). Transfers against your allocation are permissible until the indicated start time of the game (rain delays are excluded), at which point transfers become pending until the game's points are adjusted.

What is a yorker in cricket?

A yorker is a full-length delivery pitched in front of a batsman's feet by a bowler. A good yorker is directed at a player's shoes and only bounces at his feet. It is by far the most challenging ball to play for a batter. A yorker traps a batsman in the centre and keeps him from opening his arms and taking a shot.

What exactly is a short pitch in cricket?

A short-pitched delivery is when the bowler delivers a delivery that results in the ball bouncing close to the bowler. The purpose of such a bowl is to elevate the ball above the waist. The majority of bowlers' deliveries bounce off the pitch and towards the batsman.

Can i play fantasy sports on a mobile?

Yes. You can play online fantasy games on any platform, including phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. Fans who want to play fantasy cricket on their phones would enjoy the mobile versions. This is for who don't have time to sit in front of their computers and engage in gaming possibilities