Refund policy

Refund Policy

Your account balance is your real money. In the event of suspected fraud or transaction rejection or cancellation by your or a third-party bank due to charge-backs, insufficient funds, or any other cause, winnings would be added and losses would be deducted. Inactive account fees will also be applied. When deposit method constraints, and/or security evaluations are met, a cash-out request will be accepted.

You can withdraw amounts only within your transaction limits and charge any processing fees for withdrawal methods that we notify you of before cashing out. Users can request a refund anytime online as per the deposit conditions. With cricketyudh the user account will be checked for any games played or money claims, and the request will be processed within two weeks. The amount for any wins claims will be deducted and the balance refunded. A request for cancellation of any transaction would be processed within two weeks, given the player has the balance of the transaction in his/her account. Any amount from your winnings may be reported and withheld, complying with any applicable law.

You are solely responsible for all taxes associated with your wins. The win money or balance cannot be exchanged for another amount or transferred. Withdrawals are paid via wire transfer to a payment instrument matching your KYC. While we will execute payments as soon as possible, payments may be delayed or withheld due to security assessments.