How to play

A beginner's guide to how to play!

Cricketyudh is one of the best gaming platforms. We provide fantasy cricket to die-hard fans, and more people join us every day. We know how passionate cricket fans are, so we allow them to be squad owners on our fantasy platform to keep the buzz going.

The only requirement for creating your cricketyudh squad is cricket expertise and solid decision-making abilities. The skillset of the players you select during real-life matches impacts how successful your team is at collecting points. Select your players carefully!


1. Select your team

There are 11 players needed to make a fantasy cricket team:

You have to choose the following number of players for an entire squad:

  • The Wicket-keeper
  • Batsmen
  • The Bowlers
  • Players play any role.

Selecting players is indeed a little tricky. But, with your cricket knowledge, management skills, and the performance of your players, you should be able to put together a fantastic team!

2. Select your team's Captain and Vice-Captain

After you've chosen the players for your Cricketyudh squad, it's time to select a Captain and Vice-Captain.

Your captain receives triple the points he earned in the game.

  • Similarly, your Vice-Captain receives 2 times the number of points he scored in the game.

3. Create a number of squads

Your chances of winning are strongly influenced by how you choose the players in your squad. And to give you more chances of success, Cricketyudh lets you create up to any number of teams per match, any of which you can choose to join in a battle. To make another one, click the 'create squad' button.

4. Updates

Your chances of winning are primarily determined by the players you select for your squad. And we know how important it is for you to have all the information you need to choose your players.

5. A More Flexible Deadline

One of the other things Cricketyudh lets you do is the ability to make changes in your squad with just one ball before the match starts! This gives you enough time to decide which players you'd like to be on your team and play to win.

6. Make Changes to Your Squad

You can make any number of changes to your Cricketyudh squad, such as changing your Captain or Vice-Captain, before the deadline of that match, which is a bowl before the game starts.

To change, select the edit your team button. To stay on top, keep track of which of your players is participating in the live match and keep your session up to date at all times.